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Eileen Gilligan The Flautist

Eileen Gilligan The Flautist

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Flute Lessons


7 Brown Beech Drive, Flagstone QLD

Bachelor of Music , post graduate London

classical , French School of Flute playing

All ages and levels

$50.00 per half hour


Eileen commenced her flute studies at the Canberra School of Music in Canberra ACT Australia. Her first lessons were with Margaret Crawford. Margaret taught her the love of music, the flute and cemented the foundations and musical thinking that William Bennett was later to build on. Tone, expression, and colour were Margaret’s focus.

Eileen completed a Bachelor of Music in Performance at the Canberra School of Music in 1979 with high distinction under David Cubbin. Eileen was a Commonwealth finalist in the ABC Concerto Competition that same year with the Mozart D Major Flute Concerto with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Looking to further her studies internationally Eileen went to Europe and studied with William Bennett (Wibb) in London for 2 years.

The time with Wibb focused on tone, expression, colour, control, and legato line. His thinking and musical approach focused on every single note, making it sound beautiful, have life, intensity and meaning. Wibb was taught by Marcel Moyse who wanted the flute to have the same expression and beauty of a singer or violin.

Eileen travelled to Paris for weekend sessions with Michel de Bost and other flute teachers.

Eileen taught at the Kent School of Music in the UK and attended Ramsgate Masterclasses with Peter Lukas Graf, Trevor Wye, and William Bennett.

Upon returning to Australia Eileen Performed Solo concerts, freelanced, and performed with the chamber music group “MUZYKA” in Melbourne.Eileen taught Bachelor of Music students at Melbourne University in 1981 for 10 years before moving to Brisbane where she freelanced and examined for the Australian Music Examinations Board throughout Queensland for 15 years.

During this time, Eileen travelled a few times to “Wildacres” flute retreat near Asheville USA where she again caught up with William Bennett and had the pleasure of being exposed to Stephen Preston who left a marked impression on her with his beautiful tone on the modern flute and subtle, elegant approach to Baroque music. Stephen Preston taught the importance of dance movement and steps in Baroque interpretation.

Eileen moved to Queensland and whilst examining she had the privilege of becoming acquainted with Robert Keene a very fine Australian pianist and composer. There were many lively discussions about sound and colour and Robert honoured Eileen by writing a Concertina for Flute and Chamber Orchestra for her. It delivered the timeframe and format of a Concertino composition which was scarce in the flute repertoire. The piece is gorgeous and named “Impatiens”. It has won well deserved composition prizes in Australis.

Eileen is passionate about bringing together into one place “” all her learnings and experience to help others. Utilising the content on the website “The Flautist”. The Flautist explores a vocal lyrical approach to the flute and tone and the challenges in repertoire and flute playing in general. The Flautist delivers the resources for the flute with guides for each piece and tools to assist with the challenges facing teachers and players.

Eileen is available to teach privately.

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Your tone says it all “ and the French School of flute playing is Eileen’s expertise and passion. The flute is a musical voice and is capable of much beauty and colour. There is a formula to a beautiful tone , it can be taught and so can a beautiful expressive style. With tertiary experience teaching on the staff at Melbourne university teaching degree performance students who achieved high results consistently, as well as producing students now playing on the national and international stages . Eileen has some availability for private and online teaching.

I work with each student individually  to achieve their goals and best outcome.

I’ve been getting lessons with Eileen since the start of 2022 and I’ve never seen such a quick improvement in my tone. Eileen makes lessons and practise fun. We always focus a lot of foundation tools which are posted on her website, which is super helpful. If I ever need to recheck any foundation tool I can always just go onto the website and check. However when it comes to pieces she has always done the research on the writer and the story behind the song which makes it a lot easier to connect with the piece; she also includes backing tracks and her own recordings of the piece.
- Jessica Carroll
Eileen Gilligan The Flautist

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7 Brown Beech Drive, Flagstone QLD

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